Bilbao Berria


 LA CATEDRAL - Barcelona

Bilbao Berria La Catedral is a true pleasure for the senses. The courses feature traditional finger food style gastronomy famous to the Basque country.
From the moment you enter and see the great variety of colors in our pintxos bar, you begin the gastronomic game of selection and tasting.
Without doubt, Bilbao Berria de La Catedral is one of the greatest models of Basque style pintxos in Catalunya, due to our creations and great variety. But BB La Catedral isn't just pintxos. We have a large à la carte selection including lonjas vizcaínas fish and meat from Sondica cooked with care in charcoal embers.


A fusion of a Basque-style tavern and a classic Barcelona beer bar set in an active commercial environment. This Bilbao Berria will bring you to a haven of peace y calm after a tiring day of work or shopping.
An uninterrupted dinning experience from breakfast, brunch, lunch, drinks, and dinner.
An oasis of calm in the financial district.

LEDESMA - Bilbao

Bilbao Berria Ledesma, situated in one of the most emblematic streets of Bilbao, offering a Basque fusion kitchen, bringing combinations of the most traditional and local flavors.
With trending, quality ingredients we welcome you to our culinary cult where the environment, decoration, and innovation will surprise and steal your senses.